About This Site

GutHealthNow.com was created by Salix Pharmaceuticals to support virtual patient care. The digital content and visual aids on this website are aimed at enhancing the experience and improving patient care during telemedicine discussions.

GutHealthNow.com is a central repository of easy-to-understand materials for patients, including disease education and discussion guides, in engaging formats including infographics, video, and animations.

How to Use This Site

  • Navigate the resources on GutHealthNow.com by condition, when using the top navigation, or pre-visit, during a visit and post-visit, from the home page
  • Share the Bristol Stool Form Chart with your patients before their visit so they can accurately categorize their stool form and frequency
  • Explain the digestive system or describe symptoms related to motility to your patients by screen-sharing a 3-D video rendering OR zooming in on areas of a medically accurate anatomical chart
  • Download materials to other accessible locations, such as the document library of your telemedicine platform or your EMR


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